The TraxStar Team has been working with large manufacturer's testing labs for over a decade.
We know test labs better than the competition & use this knowledge to streamline your process.
Access to Attachments, Schedules, Test Status, Results, Metrics, & More
Real time visibility into the labs is at your fingertips with QATrax's Management Reports.
Non value added activities plague the test lab environment.
Eliminate these inefficiencies using QATrax
Smart Labs are using QATrax! Why not you?


Solutions for your Workflow

TraxStar workflow and scheduling solutions are tailored to businesses where “Just One Day”makes a difference. Global businesses operate in a complex, dynamic environment. Managing people and equipment effectively requires high level visibility over real-time activities. Dynamic environments mean that each individual requires real-time visibility into their assignments. Rapid turnarounds require that individuals quickly gather the requisite information and resources, perform activities, then effectively communicate the results.

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TraxStar’s focus is to address high-level customer and management visibility; to provide a scheduling tool to manipulate workflow and resources, and to expedite the flow of real-time information to individuals performing tasks.  Real-Time Visibility and Scheduling are at the heart of TraxStar’s great workflow solutions. Efficiency matters! Reduce non-value added activities by optimizing resource usage!

 Featured Product


TraxStar’s flagship test lab management software, QATrax, meets the needs of customers like HP, GE Power Systems, and Akebono Brake Corporation. If “Just One Day” matters, then TraxStar products can help your business too! QATrax handles scheduling of workstations, test equipment items, and personnel.  The product’s web based management reports provide real-time visibility of test status, test request status, resource availability, and more! It is now easier then ever to create and submit Test Plans with QATrax’s Work Request Browser Edition, allowing engineers to create and submit their Test Plans from the Web!

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