TraxStar Technologies’ Workflow and Scheduling Solutions Software, QATrax, Becoming a Popular Choice in Detroit Auto Industry

Optimizing resource scheduling and addressing test lab workflow issues are top priorities for businesses whose goal is to perform at their best.  TraxStar Technologies  is a leading company providing software solutions across very diverse industries.  TraxStar’s software, QATrax, is being embraced by a number of companies in the Detroit Automotive industry, with more expected to come on board soon.

“We’re very happy to see our software becoming more popular in the auto industry, especially in Detroit a place where we would love to contribute to a rebirth,” commented a spokesperson from TraxStar.  “We are delivering real value in the scheduling and workflow area. These are big areas of concern for automotive companies.”

According to the company, in addition to Detroit automobile industry businesses using TraxStar, a number of Detroit businesses with other focuses have also brought the software on board.  TraxStar is an appropriate solution in a very large number of industries and the company very much encourages interested parties to contact TraxStar to discuss their needs and see if QATrax is an appropriate solution.

The software solution highlights resource management and scheduling visibility; auto scheduling and re scheduling equipment and personnel; compliance and quality features; project management features and much more.

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