Why Invest In a Laboratory Information System (LIMS)?

Technology has grown and continues to grow exponentially, and what was once merely sci-fi tech dreams are now fundamental technological advances in our world. So why not take advantage of our innovations to create more efficient laboratories? TraxStar has dedicated the last 20 years to building QATrax LIMS: a Laboratory Information Management System that keeps track of your laboratory data entirely. With detailed information regarding your equipment to all your test units, it can improve data accuracy and communication, automate tasks, and help you track samples through the lab process.

How Can LIMS Improve Your Lab?

QATrax LIMS is sophisticated software that provides all the tools you need to run your lab efficiently. Features include:

  • Requesting
  • Scheduling
  • Metrics
  • Document Management
  • Scanning
  • Management Dashboards
  • Report Builder
  • Configuration Manager
  • Integrations
  • Help Portal

QATrax Scheduling considers resources like test workstations, test method profiles, operator certifications, equipment calibrations, and sequences to find the first availability on the calendar. Managers and technicians can also take control of the schedule with resource preferencing and Drag & Drop resource assignments.

A friendly UI (user interface) and clear visual aids such as dashboards assist management in performance tracking. This is particularly helpful to remain in compliance with ISO 17025 Article 6.4.8. Our software connects with powerful business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, and organizations that have highly trained personnel may access their data and create dashboards without limits. Organizations who want to utilize dashboard features but lack the technical expertise may work with TraxStar's staff to design a dashboard that fits their unique needs.

Reporting, not unlike scheduling, is also an essential tool. Aiming to improve your laboratory, LIMS reporting is a critical part of day-to-day lab operations. While some LIMS systems offer basic reports, others offer more sophisticated reporting tools. TraxStar’s staff is here to help you discern which reporting tools serve your laboratory best.

Fitting QATrax LIMS into Your Lab

TraxStar understands that each lab has a unique set of needs that must be adhered to when considering a LIMS. Considerations include the budget for the LIMS, the laboratory’s IT capabilities, and the ease of implementation. Keeping those things in mind, you can choose a LIMS that will fit your laboratory's specific needs and can be implemented within your current IT infrastructure.

In addition, we make sure your LIMS is secure by giving you complete control over your data with multiple options to choose from. Options include on-premise, cloud, or on-premise in the cloud. This means you decide how your data is stored based on your company's business needs and IT protocols, aligning LIMS with your laboratory’s operational and security needs.

Is Upgrading to LIMS the Next Step for Your Lab?

Hopefully, by now, it’s been made clear how having a LIMS can make your laboratory increasingly more efficient, accurate and compliant. As is often the case with any sophisticated tool, the drawback of getting a LIMS is that it would be a financial investment. Even still, that investment proves well-worth it when costly mistakes and potentially failed audits are avoided by the pivotal choice to allow QATrax LIMS to manage your data on your behalf.

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