Ushering the EV Industry Into the Future with QATrax LIMS

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with new models and designs hitting the market each year. As this trend continues, the vehicles must be tested in a laboratory setting to ensure their safety and performance. Quality control is more important than ever, and innovation is key if we are to continue improving this technology in a time when tech is growing exponentially.

Our software, QATrax LIMS, is all about efficient lab testing for EV and other discrete manufacturers. By logging all processes and lab data effectively in one system, LIMS keeps your lab operating at peak efficiency, allowing you to deliver consistency in your product and see where it can be improved. In addition, using QATrax LIMS makes for more sustainable labs as it keeps all of your data easily accessible and centralized in one place.

LIMS for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

A LIMS is the all-in-one software solution to help you drive efficiency and productivity in your lab. It helps manage and automate laboratory processes to improve efficiency and data quality, enabling labs to share data easily with other departments and external organizations. Using QATrax LIMS will help reduce errors and enhance department communication if you're an electric vehicle manufacturer. This helps ensure that electric cars are built swiftly and correctly, with few problems. The electric vehicles made by manufacturers using LIMS will be on the cutting edge of technology as it is the best solution for managing your laboratory processes.

Reaching the Highest Standards for EV Design and Development with LIMS

Engineers must consider many factors when designing and developing electric cars. They have to create a powertrain capable of providing enough power to move the vehicle while also being energy-efficient. They have to ensure that all vehicle systems will work together seamlessly. To test all of these different elements, engineers use what's called a system integration lab. Expect to encounter the following in these labs.

  • Performance Dynamometers
  • T-Rigs
  • Climatic Stressing
  • Burst Stands
  • High RPM Gearbox & Motor Testing
  • Power Electronics Testing
  • NVH Testing of E-machines
  • Regenerative Braking Systems

The equipment used, the test's location, and the results are all contributing factors when developing the structure of the LIMS for EV test labs. The data collected from each test must be properly organized and analyzed to ensure that each electric vehicle meets all safety and performance standards required when testing. LIMS helps manage this process by collecting and storing all of that data in a central location, making it easy for engineers to access it when needed. Having this clear-cut data leads labs to meet and surpass their standards while making audits a breeze.

Delivering Consistent Quality

Due to LIMS's ability to manage and automate laboratory processes, quick and accurate builds with few flaws will be realized with consistency. Using features such as auto-scheduling, labs can reduce errors and significantly improve communication between departments, ensuring regularity in the quality of the vehicles manufactured.

Some of the requirements from a LIMS in electric vehicle testing labs are as follows:

  • Ability to manage and automate laboratory processes to help reduce errors and improve data insight between departments.
  • Ability to share data with other departments and external organizations to help ensure that the quality of vehicles is consistent. 
  • Ability to provide clear data insight into the lab to help improve daily testing and the overall process.

This technology is revolutionizing how electric vehicles are manufactured and is positively impacting the industry as a whole. 

More Sustainable Labs

Your test lab software is the heart of your lab's functionality and the lifeblood that keeps your lab performing at the highest level.

Too often, we see disorganized systems with excel spreadsheets, whiteboards, and other scattered tech stack solutions for companies' LIMS needs. This leads to disorganization, lost communication, and delays.

As the auto industry moves to more sustainable options, we see more and more companies doing the same with their test labs.

We provide a complete, out-of-the-box package that allows companies to quickly get their labs up and running with a laboratory information management system that helps mitigate many of their problems. TraxStar also offers a dedicated QATrax LIMS support team that is there for you when you encounter issues or have questions about your LIMS software.

Key Challenges and Benefits

The key challenges of integrating a LIMS with an electric vehicle test lab are ensuring that the LIMS can handle the large amount of data generated and communicating with the various tools and equipment used in the lab. Additionally, the LIMS needs to be able to manage the complex workflow that is typically found in an EV lab environment.

Our software solution, QATrax LIMS, handles all of the information we've mentioned and much more. It can also help manage other systems in the lab, such as environmental monitoring, process control, and quality assurance.

More benefits of using QATrax LIMS include:

  • Reducing errors
  • Improving communication
  • Automating complex workflows
  • Managing large amounts of data
  • Integrating with our API

Further Information and Conclusion

All-electric vehicles log data. In conjunction with LIMS, which is all about efficient lab testing through logging all processes and lab data effectively in one system, you have what is needed to provide efficiency and reliability throughout all processes present in EV test labs. This data can then be used to improve the efficiency of the cars being manufactured.

If you're ready to make fewer mistakes, have better department connections, and increase your time savings, we would be happy to discuss how to integrate QATax LIMS into your labs.

Contact us at [email protected] or book a demo to see how QATrax LIMS can help streamline your test labs like never before. 

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