4 ISO 17025 Tactics To Help Labs Succeed In 2022

ISO 17025 is an international standard that helps laboratories succeed. Laboratories that use ISO 17025 can demonstrate their technical competence and improve the quality of their services. This blog post will discuss 4 ISO 17025 tactics that will help labs succeed in 2022. We will also explain how these tactics can be used with LIMS software to improve laboratory operations. 

Before we dive into those four tactics, let's go over some general ISO 17025 information and its importance in the test lab. 

Why is ISO 17025 essential for test labs?

ISO 17025 is essential for all types of laboratories, but it is especially critical for automotive, HVAC, electrical and environmental testing labs. By adhering to the ISO 17025 standard, these labs can improve their accuracy and precision in testing. Whenever you produce testing results you can also demonstrate to customers that they meet the highest quality standards. 

What does the ISO 17025 standard involve??

ISO 17025 applies to laboratories that generate testing and calibrated results. It does not apply to production or installation activities, consulting services, or inspection of products or installations by an independent party. ISO 17025 is also applicable for evaluating a laboratory's competence in specific tests or calibrations using standard methods or by using other methods approved by the accreditation body.

Now that we have an excellent basic understanding of ISO 17025, let's get into the tactics. 

4 ISO 17025 Tactics To Help You Succeed In 2022

1. Establish a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

A LIMS aids in the establishment and improvement of laboratory information management. ISO 17025 usually requires a LIMS for managing test requests and important equipment calibrations and operator certification history. A LIMS program will assist you in staying ISO 17025 compliant.

2. Implement a rigorous training program.

Training is an integral part of implementing and complying with ISO 17025 requirements. Employees who are trained in accordance with ISO 17025 standards are better equipped to meet the needs of the standard. A LIMS dedicated team can help you with LIMS training. 

3. Use reliable equipment and calibration methods.

To comply with ISO 17025 requirements, equipment and calibration methods must be reliable. This means that equipment must be able to produce accurate and precise results, and calibration methods must be able to produce accurate results. A LIMS software can help you manage your equipment and calibration procedures, ensuring that they are reliable and compliant with ISO 17025 standards.

4. Establish a strong quality assurance program.

A quality assurance program is essential for ensuring the quality of laboratory results. A LIMS software can help you manage your quality assurance program and track the performance of your laboratory staff, and it comes with all the needed management system requirements. 

How To Use These Tactics In a LIMS To Improve Lab Operations 

The four ISO 17025 techniques we covered are linked to these four key components of ISO 17025 in a LIMS. Use the tactics mentioned above with the following key components to enhance your lab LIMS operations.

- Document Control 

- Laboratory Processes 

- Management Systems 

- Calibration and Measurement Equipment

Each of these tactics can be used with LIMS software to improve laboratory operations.

Document Control

One of the key ISO 17025 tactics is document control. Document control ensures that all documents related to laboratory operations are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible. Documents that must be controlled include test methods, calibration procedures, and test results. 

By using LIMS software with document control features, labs can automate the process of tracking and controlling documents. This can help labs improve compliance with ISO 17025 standards and improve lab operations.

Laboratory Processes 

Laboratory processes are another key aspect of ISO 17025 compliance, it requires that labs have standardized processes for all aspects of their operations. 

This includes test methods, calibration, data management, and reporting. By using LIMS software with process automation features, labs can streamline their laboratory processes and improve compliance with ISO 17025 standards. 

Management Systems

ISO 17025 also requires that labs have a comprehensive management system in place. The management system must include policies and procedures for all aspects of laboratory operations. 

By using LIMS software with integrated management systems features, labs can automate creating and maintaining their management system. 

Calibration and Measurement Equipment 

Calibration and measurement equipment are critical components of laboratory operations and scheduling. ISO 17025 requires that labs have standardized procedures for calibrating and measuring their equipment. 

Our LIMS software QATrax considers test workstations and test method profiles, operator certifications, equipment calibrations, sequence, and more to help you stay on top of this. 

How to use these ISO 17025 4 tactics successfully with LIMS, QATrax 

ISO 17025 is a demanding standard that requires labs to have a comprehensive management system, standardized processes, and risk-based thinking. 

A LIMS software can help labs meet these requirements and improve their laboratory operations. Using the four key components of the ISO 17025 tactics we covered in this article, labs can use LIMS software to automate their operations, streamline their processes, and improve compliance with ISO 17025 standards. 

Our LIMS software, QAtrax, can help you implement and comply with ISO 17025 requirements. QATrax can help you manage your laboratory data, and it can also help you track the results of your laboratory tests, manage your calibration procedures, and track your employees' progress. QAtrax can also help you generate reports and export data to other systems. 

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