1Business Process Management (BPM) is an emerging global business process enhancement practice. Organizations need to model their business processes, automate them and implement a method to continuously improve them. BPM is not an option any more, but has become a critical initiative for all the companies to impart agility and innovation in their business processes to give them a competitive advantage.

A business process is integration and collaboration of operations performed by man and machine along with the applicable business rules. BPM provides an organization with the power to define at a higher level its processes, automate them in a controlled fashion for execution and finally provide business managers with the visibility to monitor and analyze the operation of those processes to improve their operation and to resolve business problems proactively.

Some of the highlights of our expertise in technological components we use in delivering BPM solution are:

Business rule engine

Execution engine

Process activity monitor & Simulation

Analytical reporting & Performance Reports

Integration platform

Work portal

Application server