Key to error-free lab analysis: LIMS QATrax

When it comes to laboratory missteps, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) QATrax is your best friend. LIMS systems can help improve productivity by providing a central platform for lab management. Our LIMS software QATrax also ensures that all of the necessary information is stored in one place so laboratory technicians can access it quickly and easily without making mistakes with data entry or data reporting. LIMS also provides an audit trail that ensures accountability for any errors that might occur during laboratory testing procedures.

Laboratory technicians are often working too quickly to avoid making mistakes. A key way to avoid these errors is to use a LIMS software system, which allows for fast, reliable data entry without errors.

LIMS also offers streamlined scheduling further enhancing the technician’s work experience and keeping everything on track and on budget.

QATrax is a leading LIMS software for data management solutions in industrial lab testing. We specialize in providing stability and support to our users from different industries to improve their productivity by making their work easy.

We are not just a LIMS Software company for Data management, but rather focus equally on LIMS consulting, support, and solutions to our clients worldwide with custom enhancements and updates to fit their specific lab needs.

Our software provides you with a lab automation system that benefits all divisions within the laboratory organization.

QATrax has tools that will keep your lab technicians streamlined with their workflow and error-free with an intuitive system with all the necessary data entry they would need.

Technicians often express needs in the lab for custom reports. With QATrax you can include a report builder and get all the customization technicians need to be happy and efficient with their daily work. The QATrax LIMS system can be tailored to fit your lab's needs, allowing you to custom-build applications for LIMS according to the workflow of your laboratory.

In addition to this one of the major issues we see is technicians will often use a spreadsheet as a LIMS system as they are trying to avoid errors in data entry. Spreadsheet software doesn't have the ability to help track and monitor data changes which can lead to uneven results and errors in testing procedures. With these issues and spreadsheets becoming more prevalent, it's important that technicians find a LIMS system that will help streamline and future-proof the efficiency of the testing process.

If there are any mistakes in the lab results reports, LIMS software can ensure an audit trail to prove where the error occurred and by whom. LIMS-QATrax will not only allow technicians to work quickly while avoiding errors, but also provide a secure platform for lab management. LIMS-QATrax offers data security and storage that ensures all pertinent laboratory information is stored in one place and is secure the way you want it.

As the use of spreadsheets for lab data entry has become more prevalent and scheduling tests becomes more daunting, our LIMS system QATrax helps to eliminate this problem entirely.

Technicians should be able to focus on their testing, not data entry. LIMS software should allow them to track incoming test units, monitor existing tests, conduct inventory, and create reports in an efficient manner.

Our LIMS - QATrax offers the ability to schedule tests quickly and easily as well as online database access that allows technicians to view their work anywhere. QATrax software enhances the workflow process by seamlessly transferring information between technicians allowing for quick updates and focused collaborative communication. LIMS provides multiple data views to ensure all relevant testing activities are being tracked in one place.

There are many LIMS system available that provide these capabilities, but you should consider LIMS-QATrax for your needs to ensure that the system you are using is reliable, scalable, and most importantly error-free.

QATrax is a cost-effective LIMS solution that was developed by LIMS professionals with over 20 years of test lab management experience and LIMS product development including systems implemented in compliance with ISO 17025.

We handle all LIMS needs for our customers from single labs to global enterprises.

If you're looking for a way to keep your laboratory technicians error-free and efficient in their work, find out how we can help with the QATrax Laboratory Information Management System and book a demo today.

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