TraxStars automates lab rescheduling with Smart Calendars

TraxStar’s customers will tell you that the lab schedule features are the difference makers when looking at QATrax vs. competitors. TraxStar has been consistently working alongside Automotive OEM, computer hardware, and HVAC customers since the early 2000s to address the scheduling of test workstations, equipment, and operators. These customers have helped shape the ecosystem of lab management applications TraxStar provides. Over the last two years, TraxStar has been rapidly tailoring new custom features for a Top 25 OEM located in Detroit. This strategic partnership has led to technologies that address some of the most complex tasks that Engineering departments are up against. TraxStar has smart workstation calendars that can automate rescheduling based on priority and missed due dates. TraxStar is enabling the creation of custom dashboards for important metrics like cycle time, requested dates, and equipment downtime.

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