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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are complex pieces of software that require specialized knowledge to create and maintain. In the past, in-house development was a viable option for most lab departments, but with the growth of these systems, it is more cost-effective to outsource them rather than build an internal team. The following four points outline some reasons why outsourcing your LIMS may be a good idea:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Access to specialists
  3. More time & resources spent on management
  4. No in house development risk

Whether you’re a small lab with an outdated LIMS system or a global enterprise that needs to utilize your resources more efficiently, outsourcing may be the right solution for you. Outsourcing can help labs save money by taking on more work and partnering with specialists who can fix problems quickly without breaking the bank. It also means that time can be spent on more important tasks like running and scheduling tests instead of managing computer software, which is notoriously difficult in-house development. Outsourcing mitigates many of the risks associated with developing systems internally as external partners can provide expertise from start to finish while still making sure they adhere to ISO 17025 compliance regulations.

If you’ve been considering outsourcing your LIMS software, now is a perfect time. QATrax is an innovative software solution tailored for electrical manufacturers' test labs that will help reduce the amount of time and money it takes to get up-to-date with lab compliance ISO 17025 regulations while also providing all the tools necessary for data analysis and scheduling resources with tests.

Just fill out our demo request form today and we will get back in touch to show you what QATrax can do for your lab(s).

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