TraxStar presents APIs to enhance and expand lab management

TraxStar is creating new value with innovative products containing a rich user experience that ties into the core lab management and scheduling system. TraxStar is using APIs to improve the operational efficiency of their applications. TraxStar’s API is connecting internal systems allowing powerful access to data across its lab management tools. TraxStar is simplifying much of the back end, allowing for an environment of innovation. One example of such innovation is TraxStar’s Web Requestor. Working directly with a Fortune 100 customer, TraxStar is using Node.js framework and API endpoints to modernize its Engineer work requesting platform. While increasing the flexibility for thousands of engineers, TraxStar is also opening opportunities for third party developers to integrate other requesting tools to communicate with the web requester. Customers realize the value of APIs to the TraxStar ecosystem and to the future of lab management. Project Teams are working directly with API Teams to understand where to apply the use of API to provide test labs with the tools they need. TraxStar remains a strategic ally for diverse global manufacturers.

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TraxStar presents APIs to enhance and expand lab management

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