TraxStar integrates with JIRA

Jira is a powerful tool for project management. TraxStar is a powerful LIMS. TraxStar is leveraging the power of jira by combining its functionality with QATrax, Lab Information Management System. Engineering teams rely on jira for high level requirement tracking, whereas QATrax handles equipment and personnel scheduling for lab teams. The integration project will continue through Q2 specifically requested by manufacturing customer who exceeds 5 billion in Revenue. TraxStar is rapidly developing our LIMS offering to meet more of our customers requirements. Rebuilding of core components is allowing TraxStar's dev team to build modern applications. Prospects and Customers are seeking TraxStar's expertise with innovation projects and disruptive technology. If you have visions of you future perfect systems state, TraxStar is a valuable partner.

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TraxStar integrates with JIRA

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