What We Do

TraxStar began as an idea to innovate businesses using software as a lever to inspire change. From inside manufacturing’s test labs, visionaries saw products as well as test equipment evolving but the lab, the way a lab functions, was stuck. We and our lab colleagues saw an opportunity to create something for everyone's needs; managers, engineers, and technicians. Twenty years ago, labs were stuck with white board and Excel calendars so we created an innovative test lab scheduling engine. Hand in hand with our customers, we evolved. Collaborating with our customers to make the software fit their requirements became our strategic theme. Today we are proud to provide a way to simplify lab management.

How We Do It

TraxStar Technologies uses Agile techniques and approaches to software development. The TraxStar team's mindset is based on the Agile Manifesto which serves as a guide on how to best help our customers. At TraxStar, we value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. We value working software and comprehensive documentation. We value customer collaboration over contract negotiation. We value responding to change over following a plan. TraxStar has accumulated significant work experience and knowledge in software development for complex discrete manufacturing companies. Customers worked with us in the transformation of a scheduling engine, unmatched in our domain, where gaps in resource availability are juggled and filled during off-hours. A product evolution such as this was made possible with the continuous help and support from major manufacturing hardware test labs.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about simplicity. Simple to use yet encompassing a complex and dynamic environment. We are passionate about eliminating non-value added activities (consider the hours consumed by cutting and pasting data and pictures into a formal test report). We are committed to reducing users dependency on traditional support, empowering users to simply manage their own affairs. We take great pride in our clients valuing our solutions.

Our Customers