TraxStar Technologies visits Automotive Summit – Troy MI

The 2 day Summit focused on the many facets of manufacturing in the Auto Industry.   Presentations and case studies were as follows;

Implementing Continuous Improvement using TPS (Toyota Production System)
Cost Containment & Cost Reductions thru TPS
Robotic Automation – Assembly line
Robotic Automation – Delivery systems
Procurement processes and improvements
Driverless Vehicles – Current & Future State of Play
People & Education – Support for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
CAFE Regulations

There were approximately 80 attendees and 20 vendors. A majority of the attendees were senior managers from Manufacturing, Quality or Procurement.  A smaller portion were from the Design Engineering Groups.

The Summit serves as a great networking event, where leaders of this industry collaborate together. Many notable Speakers helped the audience feel the heartbeat of Detroit Auto manufacturing. Different trends across manufacturing were discussed. It was clear that as technology improves, organizations are being forced to make changes to achieve a true symbiotic relationship among their many complex business relationships. For organizations where the testing workflow and environment needs improvement in scheduling and overall efficiency, TraxStar’s tool is clearly a valid option. Equipment Utilization and Cycle Time are appearing as very popular metrics across organizations, two metrics that are easily generated with QATrax.