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We are thrilled to bring you the latest insights into the innovative features of TraxStar’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Our commitment to enhancing laboratory operations is reflected in the powerful capabilities that empower your team to achieve new heights of efficiency and accuracy. 

Form Builders for Enhanced Customization

TraxStar’s LIMS software introduces a dynamic Form Builder catering to the unique needs of your laboratory. With a focus on user-friendly customization, this feature allows you to define specific values for various parameters, including the Web Request, Equipment Under Test/Test Unit, and Work Orders/Test. Tailoring forms to your laboratory’s requirements has never been more seamless, ensuring a streamlined workflow that aligns precisely with your process. 

Easily Build Customized Workflow

We understand the importance of gathering the right information from the Requestor. There are a myriad of pieces of information necessary to understanding the tests to be performed, the parameters surrounding the test, the data to be reported, the test unit to be tested, and the equipment used to perform the test. 

Easily designed efficient templates requiring specific information triggered by the Requestor's responses to your questions. Designed by you! 

You can build your customized workflow for work request Information, for information specific to the equipment or sample to be tested, and for the specific test. 

Imagine dropping in a table with the parameters required for a specific test knowing that the test operator can easily drop in actuals as testing completes.  Furthermore, all this information drops right into the Test Report you configured!

Benefits at Glance

  • Completely document the request, the test unit, the test and test parameters as well as calibrated test equipment in one place, one database.  
  • Enhance visibility of communication associated with running an efficient lab operation. Streamline your process with organized and efficient information gathering.
  • Enhance sample integrity with precise sample identification and documentation for accurate test results. 
  • Minimize rework and mistakes by doing the test properly the first time.
  • Reduce non-value-added time for engineering teams.

Looking Ahead

We are committed to continuous improvement, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we further refine and expand the capabilities of TraxStar’s LIMS software to meet the evolving needs of modern laboratories.

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