Streamline Your LIMS with Barcodes

Wouldn’t it be incredible to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, human error in your laboratory information management system (LIMS)? What about improving data accuracy while ensuring your lab complies with ISO 17025 recordkeeping requirements? This is what combining QATrax LIMS with barcodes can do.

LIMS is an electronic lab management system and testing hub that enables you to link test lab equipment with work orders, organizing it neatly into easily tracked and scannable barcodes. By identifying each of your test lab's units with barcodes, everything is kept separate and organized, creating exceptional efficiency whether handling a few or a great many units.

It’s easy to see how LIMS’s ability to generate, print, and track barcodes can help a laboratory save money and become immensely more efficient with their information management; however, the LIMS and barcodes combination doesn’t only serve to track units. Barcodes are incredibly versatile and can be used to keep track of equipment and resources as well. This leads to a more streamlined workflow, as technicians and managers can easily pull data by scanning a barcode instead of searching through files. This solution can significantly simplify your workflow, but did you know it can also lead to safer lab environments?

ISO 17025 Article 6.4.8 requires that all calibration equipment with a specified duration be labeled and their usage be tracked to ensure their safety. QATrax supplies this data with barcodes and all work associated with equipment and units under test. Audits can be easily handled by scanning a barcode to pull up a complete list of work orders and calibration history.

Information fields include:

  • ID
  • Type
  • Manufacturer 
  • Serial # and more Abilities to attach certificates and all other verification evidence 
  • Location 
  • Calibration Dates 
  • Date of Next calibration 
  • Calibration Cycle 
  • Certification Attachments 
  • Non-testing events 
  • Attachments 
  • Photos

Managers and technicians rejoice as they limit time wasted trying to manually track their information and let our products take care of it.

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