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Industry & Challenges

HVAC testing and research laboratories face various challenges in day-to-day operations. The difficulty of increasing compliance and effectiveness within this market is at an all-time high. So, how can a HVAC testing lab manage its plentiful demands while remaining competitive and profitable? What methods can laboratories implement to ensure they respond promptly to the needs of their clients? The solution must be inclusive and intelligent; it needs to consider every person, piece of equipment, and unit in the lab when driving and storing data. It needs to be a solution like QATrax.

Increase Visibility and Control Across Your HVAC Lab(s) with QATrax LIMS

View of QATrax LIMS dashboard 

QATrax LIMS Powerful Analytics, KPIs & Business Intelligence

QATrax LIMS is a powerful software that employs data intelligence technologies to help test labs and their respective organizations achieve higher operational efficiency. A Laboratory Information Management System can help HVAC test labs manage their data more effectively, ultimately improving the quality of their work. Additionally, LIMS is a fantastic solution for HVAC labs that are using outdated or disorganized systems. 

The image above depicts what lab visibility can look like with QATrax, while the list below highlights some of the benefits of adopting it into your HVAC testing laboratories:

  • Work Orders –Eliminate manual work order creation. Instead, pull from templates organized in a system with all your data and tests in one place.
  • Timesheets – LIMS can provide timesheet data from the system.
  • Schedule Management - The auto-scheduler allows the laboratory to schedule tests seamlessly in just a few clicks. It finds the first availability in the calendar; schedulers take control with resource preferencing and drag & drop resource assignments.
  • Requesting - This advanced system gives design engineers and other requestors a mechanism to request work to be done in the respective areas of the lab or enterprise. 
  • Metrics - QATrax's Management Reports is an organized report package that provides users with an unlimited inquiry into lab processes, all behind your firewall. 
  • Document Management - Store, Review and Approve important procedural documents required for ISO 17025 Compliance.
  • Scanning - Users can scan test units with Bluetooth scanning Devices and quickly change the status of work orders.
  • Dashboards - Dashboards make key performance indicators (KPIs) easy to understand and serve to improve visibility. 
  • Report Builder - QATrax's Report Builder will automatically populate the reporting framework, including pictures and equipment, saving Engineering teams hours.
  • Configuration Manager - QATrax Configuration Manager allows users to create unit templates to manage the configuration of components in the web application throughout the unit lifecycle.

Guarantee Regulatory Compliance and Reduce Costs

As we mentioned, it's becoming challenging to remain compliant and competitive in the HVAC industry. Adopting software such as QATrax LIMS gives your lab(s) the edge to advance while ensuring compliance. In addition, you can breathe easy knowing you're fully prepared for any audits that come your way. The list below details more ways in which QATrax LIMS can help you stay in compliance while significantly reducing costs:

  • Eliminating paper-based management and manual activities lowers timely and costly mistakes. 
  • Easy-to-use software makes for little training required from your team.
  • Protect your data inside your network security with the QATrax system, which allows you to choose how you want to control your data. This complete control over data security, integrity, and full compliance allows for a streamlined auditing process. 
  • Generate quick, advanced reports to fit each client's specific needs at the push of a button.
  • Automate notifications and scheduling of calibrations in addition to other time-consuming or complex tasks.
  • Audit tracking assistance with role features for the users who have access.
  • HVAC test labs using LIMS can improve the efficiency of HVAC testing while reducing costs.
  • Using LIMS improves accuracy by automating tasks and providing a single system for data entry, retrieval, and analysis.
  • Using the Auto-Scheduling feature reduces time wasted on manual scheduling tasks. In addition, this automation reduces HVAC testing errors, and centralized data management can speed up analysis and decision-making.
  • We also have a help site for your needs. Each page is packed with content for self-paced learning, with new articles added regularly.

Improving Your Business with QATrax

QATrax LIMS is a comprehensive HVAC testing solution that monitors the entire testing process. It tracks and records every activity on every job so that you're fully aware of all the happenings within the lab, while ensuring that it runs like clockwork. With the ability to search by location, you can see where your tests are being conducted, what stage it is at in the testing life cycle, and get an insight into how your HVAC testing is being performed.

Additionally, it streamlines the laboratory processes and automates many other essential reporting, documenting, issue logging, and communication activities. As a result, laboratories can reduce administrative overhead while remaining confident that they're not compromising data integrity. 

Overall, HVAC test labs using LIMS can improve efficiency and accuracy while significantly reducing costs.

One of the significant benefits of working with TraxStar is not just the QATrax software and all its features but also our exceptional support service. 

We do not offer a free trial, but we do provide amazing insight into your labs with our QATrax demo. It is time to cancel your current inefficient lab processes and get the tools to take your test labs into the future with QATrax! 

We offer demos centered on your needs to show you how QATrax LIMS works in the context of your business. Go to to book one today! 

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