Test Lab management revolves around issues of process and scheduling. QATrax can provide a solution to these issues by improving efficiency and the utilization of existing resources. Basic product features include:

People, tests, equipments, events and other resources across multiple lab sites. Move an entire test flow with assigned equipment and operators to a different time period. System validates the availability of all resources and assigns new ones when necessary.

ISO/QS compliance, document process, enforce and follow quality procedures.

Track time for tests and associated resources for billing and management metrics.

Plan and schedule activity for all your projects, assign people and equipment, capture project information and actual course of events.

Test equipment, test operators and products to be tested.

View workflow by test lab site, by time, by equipment, by work order, by operator in multiple formats.

Query and summarize historical data associated with test, work order, operator, equipment.

Highly configurable, users determine relevant views.

Receive notifications when there is a change in test status and more!

Access QATrax reports  worldwide, 24 hours a day via any internet-connected workstation.

N-Tier, lightweight client application, performance benefits and easy upgrades.

Serves Real-time global concurrent users, internal and external to the lab.


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