Hidden Costs of Not Using a LIMS System

At first glance, LIMS may seem like a significant expense. However, many hidden costs of not doing so can end up costing you more than the initial investment. That is what we go into in this blog post. Here are some reasons why investing in LIMS is worth it:

  • You will reduce lab errors and increase efficiency
  • LIMS system helps you stay risk-averse against costly audits
  • You won't need to hire, train, and build an entire LIMS team internally
  • Time spent on manual data entry vs. LIMS system auto-data
  • Lab errors that result in waste of materials, employee time, and company money
  • Direct Cost Breakdown Your Costs Calculated 

Let's Take a look at each of those in-depth.

You will reduce lab errors and increase efficiency.

LIMS may assist in minimizing laboratory mistakes and increase productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to enter data and results. This reduction in time can improve the accuracy of data and findings, saving you time in the long run. Back and forth for information? You will find that Spreadsheets that are incorrect or missing?

We understand.

Spreadsheets aren't efficient. They don't track updates in a system that can intelligently connect your team scheduling resources with tests efficiently. A LIMS system changes all of that.

This accessibility is key to your lab management and company growth by streamlining the lab management process with no wasted time.

LIMS system helps you stay risk-averse against costly audits

Our LIMS system, QATrax, helps you stay compliant, saving you costly audit mistakes.

With the QATrax system, you can track your test data and ensure it is compliant with the demands of ISO 17025.

You will have access to a comprehensive LIMS solution that helps you stay ISO 17025 compliant at no additional cost when you purchase our Traxstar QATrax platform. We are confident in our quality and want you to be too, which is why we include all of this with the initial investment!

You won't need to hire, train, and build an entire LIMS team internally.

Our QATrax system comes with a focused LIMS team that will care for all your needs, so you won't have to hire, train, or build out an internal LIMS team to operate your system. We've got you covered. We'll take care of the problems so you can focus on your business rather than software updates, server issues, or other concerns.

The issue we encounter with organizations that attempt to create their LIMS is that they are not LIMS experts and do not know what they require or what they need. These issues result in internal teams developing an inferior system for more money and effort, scrapping the project entirely, and returning to us for their custom project needs.

With decades of development from a wide range of top industrial and electrical, and mechanical laboratories worldwide in the world, QATrax is a powerful solution that can help you focus on your clients and company growth. At the same time, we keep your Laboratory Information Management System running smoothly.

Time spent on manual data entry vs. LIMS system auto-data

Manual data entry is time-consuming and prone to errors, while automated systems like ours (QATrax) provide instant updates and easy access to information. When you use a LIMS system, you will save time and money by eliminating the amount of manual labor required in your lab.

Using spreadsheets without a LIMS system severely hurts your productivity. You can't enter all your data in one place. It's a time-consuming, laborious process that you have to go through several folders and computers to discover the information you need or call up your coworkers again and again. If changes are made throughout the day by multiple team members, the LIMS system will automatically update to reflect that.

The heart of the LIMS software suite is the ability to schedule more tests with auto-scheduling, saving you manual data entry time.

You may schedule more tests with QATrax thanks to auto-scheduling smart logic, which automatically and effectively organizes people, resources, and tests. This scheduling system implies that it can be scheduled for your team once you submit a test immediately.

QATrax Scheduling considers test workstations & test method profiles, operator certifications, equipment calibrations, sequence, and more. Auto scheduling logic is the engine that finds the first availability in the calendar for the schedules. Take control of the plan with resource referencing and Drag & Drop resource assignments.

With QATrax, you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. We will keep you ready for what comes next.

Lab errors that result in waste of materials, employee time, and company money

LIMS systems are generally the backbone of any lab. These allow you to store, organize, and retrieve data efficiently. This systematic approach is good for your workflow and saves you time and money by reducing human error.

For example, suppose test results are incorrect. In that case, there could be a need for additional tests, pausing tests, or even product recalls that could have been prevented with correct test data appropriately recorded in a LIMS system from the get-go.

Tests are activated automatically to be conducted by your team and testers without ever missing a deadline because everyone understands what they're doing and stays up to date in one system.

You'll save time by not having to search for test results or track down staff to get the information you require because everything will be at your fingertips.

A LIMS system, on the other hand, allows your company to test more effectively by arranging laboratory operations and automating specific procedures within each stage. These systems can integrate with other parts of your business, such as billing or inventory, making your life much easier. We also offer an open API to connect with for all your other needs.

Your results interpret correctly. You will have better quality data and have a better overall testing process.

Direct Cost Breakdown Your Costs Calculated  

Annual benefits of approximately $438,000 per lab were realized from implementing a LIMS.

Companies reported as much as a 40% reduction in total costs by using a LIMS system.

The Future of test labs is LIMS 

You can see the costs of using a LIMS system may seem like a considerable upfront cost, but in reality, it can save your company time, money and increase efficiency like never before.

The hidden costs of not utilizing a LIMS system in your test laboratories are high. Test lab errors that result in waste of materials, employee time, and company money can be reduced significantly with the help of LIMS systems. With this powerful system available at the touch of a button, you will save time by not having to look for test results or chase down employees to get the data you need. The benefits do not stop there, however! A LIMS system allows you to test more effectively by organizing laboratory activities and automating certain operations as they occur. These systems can also be integrated with other parts of your business, making life much easier for both yourself and others involved and improving the overall workflow. With the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in test labs, it's more vital than ever to stay one step ahead and incorporate these forward-thinking innovations into your operations right now!

Book a demo with us today, and let us show you how QATrax can save your labs time and money while increasing efficiency at traxstar.com/demo.

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