Fully managed hardware, networking, security, & LIMS

Host QATrax yourself, or allow TraxStar to manage services for you. Minimize burden on your IT, maximize productivity and ROI.

Managed services

Expedite upgrades, deliveries, and product support, to increase efficiency and ROI.

Not only will you get the software you need faster, your IT can focus on the rest of your organization's technical needs.

Faster implementation

Faster upgrades

Simplified costs

Cost savings

Reduced IT overhead

Dedicated LIMS team

Why TraxStar?

25 years of experience at your fingertips.

TraxStar has spent decades working with some of the largest companies in the industry. We use this experience to make LIMS implementations seamless and secure.

We work with test labs like yours

We're always improving our products

We put our customers first

We create LIMS innovations

Satisfaction gaurenteed


Services that can help
your IT department.

If you want to reduce internal IT support, let TraxStar manage all or some of your LIMS infrastructure, data, and maintenence.

Fully Managed
Partially Managed
Standard Services

Complete setup and maintenence of your LIMS infrastructure and data.

We provision a private network only accessible by your organization, configure your server and LIMS services, then work with you to get everyone setup fast and seamlessly.

Managed server & operating system

Managed database and backups

Managed software upgrades

Dedicated VPN and server

Regular maintenance

Safe & Secure

Security is one of our top priorities. Our applications have been battle tested and updated regularly to keep up with the world's ever evolving security risks.

TraxStar works relentelesly to keep your data accessible to only your organization and our highly trained professionals. We will help your company improve your security, establish effective disaster response plans, and monitor your systems for signs of nefarious activities.

TLS/SSL encryption

Strong authentication requirements

VPN & secure access

Encrypted backups

Regular software updates

Continuous security assessments

"TraxStar’s implementation process was flawlessly executed! The customer support throughout the entire process has been fantastic and the most valuable part of purchasing QATrax for our company!"

QATrax customer


Team Leader, Carlisle

Not just software,
test lab and technology experts.

We will setup, maintain, and continuously improve your LIMS systems.
Work with TraxStar and stay on the cutting edge of test lab efficiency.

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