4TraxStar Technologies provides workflow and process management solutions to businesses and organizations  where business and technology converge strategically to fulfill one objective: Adding value to the customer.  TraxStar has provided IT solutions for dynamic environments for over 20 years, allowing customers to make significant advances in there overall business  operations.  The TraxStar Team works closely with customers to develop solutions that address there specific needs and that can handle the complexities of business environments.

The TraxStar team has a singular focus: To deliver custom, high-quality, web-native workflow applications to our clients that meet their business needs and solve their business problems. Our competitive advantage is our high reusability software technology which allows us to rapidly develop and deliver custom applications and solutions.

Our technology bridges the gap between low value, shrink wrap solutions that only meet part of a need and expensive, high-risk generic solutions that, similar to custom solutions may not be ready in time. TraxStar Technologies has successfully merged the advantageous economics and low-risk profile of shrink-wrap solutions with the high availability, scalability and customization of high-end solutions. Our customers are reaping significant bottom line benefits without incurring high risk and unpredictable schedules. We focus on customer service. We exist to provide solutions to workflow problems. These solutions include exemplary support services. We are there when you need us! Our customers will testify to that.